Monday, January 21, 2013

No War With Syria/ Formerly Obama Inaugural Poem

Obama I have given you all and now I'm nothing.

Obama eighty two dollars and twenty two cents January 21, 2013.

I can't lift my own heavy heart.

Obama why did you continue the human war?

Obama when will you stop the drones?

Obama are the drones coming for me?

Obama please hide the drones from my nephews Alex and Christopher.

Obama go fuck yourself with your drones?

Obama when will you be worthy of your million Reverend Wrights?

Obama are you more black? Or more white? Or more Dominican?

Obama what's with the funny name?

Obama is your middle name really Hussein?

Obama was George W. Bush really that bad a president?

Obama are you Bush 3.0?

Obama scratch my back.

Obama are you aware of how many doors were slammed in my face in Little Havana when me and Howie volunteered for you?

Obama has it been four years already?

Obama did America ever fuck it self with its Atom Bomb?

Obama please don't take away my Bushmaster .223 semi automatic rifle.

Obama does it really take the massacre of white babies to move the heart of America?

Obama Chicago is a river of african american blood. Does it matter to anyone?

Obama I am scared.

Obama I arrived here in 1986 with my mother and older brother. Obama we watched Rocky 4 on the plane.

Obama communism scared me cause they were gonna take away my toys.

Obama I am madly in love with Dostoyevsky.

Obama did you ever have anal sex with another man in college?

Obama will you let me marry my dog?

Obama do you believe in God?

Obama are you the anti-Christ?

Obama do you love the Koran?

Obama how many visions of Mohammed did you have on the morning before the killing of Bin Laden?

Obama why did you save the American auto industry?

Obama why are you so damn good looking?

Obama will you give me some of that swagger?

Obama are you and speaker John Boehner having a secret love affair?

Obama why do you hate white people?

Obama what kind of new American are you?

Obama did you pay Donald Trump money to help you get reelected?

I don't know who I am anymore.

Am I Arab? Am I an immigrant? Am I Salvadorian? Am I a Catholic?

Obama take me swimming to Hawaii.

Obama I love black women too let's have a beer.

Obama you won the lottery when you met Michelle.

Obama I want to be loved too.

Obama when will I meet my Michelle Obama?

Are you holding her hostage? Are you water boarding her?

Is she a Jew?

Obama why do you hate Israel?

Obama how about moving the Palestinians to Alabama?

Obama I never knew my father either and he might be a communist.

Obama will you save us from ourselves?

Will you let your cape hang freely and fly into our ghettos?

Will you call us honky and run away?

Will WWIII start on your watch?

Will you smoke crack in the white house?

Will you hang a whip next to Lincoln's portrait?

Will you hang a rifle next to Kennedy's portrait?

Obama will you let the earth kill humanity?

Obama will your hair be completely white like Mandela's at the end of your term?

Obama is Bin Laden's body under the sea?

Is he really dead?

Will you save us from his ghost?

Will you save us from the ghost of our absentee fathers?

Will you save us from the self hatred?

Obama will you push America to finally look in the mirror?

I am drunk with capitalism and high on consumerism!

Barack Hussein Obama will you save us from ourselves?

JM Hazan & Allen Ginsberg

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