Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A really bad, bilingual poem dedicated to Pampita Ardohain

Marry me Pampita

I don't care if you're already married or have one baby or three babies or 12 thousand babies and your vagina is ripped and torn from so much birth.

Marry me Pampita, y te doy la luna como que si fuera un globo amarillo

marry me please Pampita and open your legs on our honeymoon and embrace me like Jesus come back from the dead.

CASATE conmigo Pampita and I'll give you...the keys to my Yaris.

Pampita, marry me mi Amor, for love like ours is once in a lifetime and if you don't I will be forced to spend all the rest of my days on pornhhub.

PAMPITA, dame to sonrisa, y te dare mi corazon como que si fuera el motor del mundo porque sin el todo para..

[PAMPITA, give me your smiles, and I will give you my heart like if it was the engine of the world because without it everything stops.]

PAMPITA, Mi CA-RO-LI-NA, tu recuerda the Nabokov:

Pampita, luz de mi vida, fuego de mis entraƱas. Mi pecado, mi alma. Pam-Pit-ta: la punta de la lengua emprende un viaje de tres pasospaladar abajo hasta apoyarse, en el tercero, en los dientes. PAM-PI-TA

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