Friday, August 30, 2013

Rarity of the Century by Fawzy Zablah to be published 2014 by TinyTOE Press in Austin, TX.

Chucho, an aimless tramp of Palestinian/Latino decent,  has reached a lull in his young adult life that he surmises is directly linked to a long ago, barely spoken of family tragedy that left him an orphan.

 After a brief stint and stellar downfall in the fetish porn industry,  he is forced to move back home with his flamboyant uncle in South Beach and get a job at a Brazilian steak house. Just as he is getting used to his new position in life, he falls for the  hostess Shiraz Zirel who first torments him via her unattainable beauty and then by ignoring him.

Frustrated with Shiraz, Chucho decides to give up on love.  But when a Rapture event of unknown origins occurs over all of South Florida, Chucho and Shiraz find that they are the sole survivors. In fact, Chucho realizes with new-found excitement, they may be the last two people on earth.

Can they be together? Are they fated for love? And what is that strange thing in the sky over South Beach anyway? As the star-crossed lovers journey to investigate the inexplicable phenomenon, they encounter a mysterious, yet familiar third survivor that will force them into a fight for their lives.

Rarity of the Century is a modern apocalyptic thriller told through different perspectives that begins as a coming of age story about a lonely young man looking for love but eventually turns into a  more complex narrative about solitude and the never ending search for connection.